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INTER|SECTION - Eda Deniz Aktepe, Merve Yıldız

Durukan Şekerleme Yeni Nesil Ofis ve Çalışma Alanı Projesi


This project design comes from the 2 brands : U & JOX

All of these products aim a special age range and combine the function of the product and needs for the age range. Durukan is the intersection for both brands. For this reason, we have considered our concept as intersection and there are two separate parts in the formation of space.

One of these two parts has a relationship with the floor, and the other has a relationship with the ceiling. Area and function definitions are made at the places where these parts pass and intersect. These two parts divide the space into three different areas. Although there are common functions in these areas, they are performed in different functions.

The project site located on the 2nd floor of the Durukan Confectionery Factory, is entered by passing through the turnstiles. It is designed for the employees of the factory to spend time with different functions outside of work.

There are 3 main zone located and each zone is specialized as different functions

ZONE1 Two different functions are included in this zone:

Dinner Place & Group Lounge

In this area, the relaxation function is solved with different session forms. Multiple and single sessions are available. The venue also offers the users the opportunity to perform eating and drinking functions.

ZONE2 Three different functions are included in this zone:

Waiting Area & Bar & Hammocks

Eating and drinking functions are more prominent in this area. It also provides the circulation of the space. It intersects two different areas at a common point.

ZONE3 Two different functions are included in this zone:

Resting Lounge & Amphitheatre

In the amphitheater, they can perform actions such as watching something on the screen, chatting, eating and drinking as a group. It can also be a small workspace.

ZONE1 - Dinner Place

ZONE1 - Dinner Place

ZONE1 - Group Lounge

ZONE2 - Waiting Area

ZONE2 - Waiting Area

ZONE2 - Bar

ZONE2 - Hammocks

ZONE2 - Hammocks

ZONE3 - Resting Lounge

ZONE3 - Amphitheatre

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